Mobile Computer Repair

In computer science terminology, a ZOMBIE is a computer connected to the internet that has been compromised by a hacker, and can be used to perform malicious tasks from a remote source. Meaning your computer is controlled by someone else and being used without your knowledge. Our traveling Mobile Response Team travels to you in an Ambulance converted to a mobile computer repair lab re-purposed to save the lives of computers. We can make most repairs onsite at your office or home and are just a call away. Call us at 214-872-7785.


Don't live with a damaged computer get it repaired and revived back to life. If you need Break/Fix services to repair broken computers or peripherals our mobile certified technicians are trained.


Are you experiencing the Blue Screen of Death and have valuable files that you need recovered. Our mobile response team ambulance is equipped with all the latest technology onboard.


If you are operating a sluggish Zombie like computer call us today, our Mobile Response Technicians are trained to rescue your system, we have the CURE!