Hardware Repair

Month: February 2016

Hardware Repair

Hardware Repair Computer repair can be a scary thing. Whether it involves replacing bad RAM, a malfunctioning motherboard or a cracked screen, we service most major brands regardless of when the device was purchased.  Replacing a bad or damaged hard drive is most likely the most difficult of tasks, we can help by transferring the critical data first. Repairs hopefully can be done onsite at…


Virus, Spyware & Pop-up Removal Does your computer feel like a Zombie is living inside and performing sluggish. Are you getting or sending odd emails from contacts in your address book? Are you getting threatening pop-up messages all the time? Sounds like you may have a virus or malware from the Internet. We call this a Zombie computer, meaning it has been taken…

Hardware Install

Hardware Installs Need new hardware installed in your computer we can help! We come to you and can assess your needs and make a gameplan for bringing your system back to peak performance. We assist in specifying the needed components and order them, often existing computers can be upgraded to better perform better. We return and install the new hardware (hard drive,…

PC Repair

Zombie PC Rescue offers a complete array of repairs on Desktops, Laptops, and Servers.  If your system has feeling slow and sluggish its likely that you have contracted a virus, Trojan horse, or have other issues going on.  If you need Data Recovery Services we are equipped with the cure to bring you computers back to the living.